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I have been an undergrad at baylor university for 3 years and I am currently in my second year of graduate school. I am currently majoring in business administration and marketing where I am working with my thesis advisor, Dr. William “Bill” A. Mott.

The first thing that I have noticed about college life is that it is quite a different way of life. I feel like people are more open and have a lot more freedom to express themselves. College also allows for the kind of social interaction that I usually only get in the real world. The real world is not always in uniform, and people are more likely to be more honest and more open than they are in the real world.

My thesis advisor William Bill A. Mott, is a professor of marketing at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He is also a member of the marketing faculty at Baylor’s Business School.

There is something about the Baylor marketing curriculum that makes it great for teaching business. If you’re a student or teacher in the marketing department, you often get the chance to work with professors on their social media outreach and branding projects. The professors also really get into the nuts and bolts of their students’ marketing and business projects, which is a great way to learn more about marketing and business.

Speaking of marketing, you should probably know that Baylor University Business School is the one program of its kind that is dedicated to marketing. Marketing is a huge component to Baylor’s business school. Its marketing curriculum is designed to help students develop a competitive edge in a fast-changing world by becoming experts in the subject matter of their choice.

The marketing curriculum is great because it can teach you all of the tools necessary to be an expert in marketing. It can teach you how to do a ton of research, how to write a compelling marketing proposal, how to produce a great presentation, etc. It teaches you how to do market research, how to conduct market research, how to analyze the data, etc.

But most importantly, it teaches you how to make a business plan. That’s why baylor business school is a great place to study marketing because they don’t teach you how to create a business plan. They teach you how to create a business plan to generate business.

Of course you would want to take your business plan to the next level, but if you don’t have a business plan, you’re almost certainly going to be in trouble. And that goes for all types of startups. Many business plans, including ours, are a bit of a mess. We try to keep it short, but we’re not perfect.

The thing is, you can’t be creative and do everything. If you’re not careful you can forget to do any of the things that are part of being a successful business. Just because you’re passionate about marketing doesn’t mean that you’ve done it all. To learn more about how to create a business plan, check out baylor’s website.



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