business days in 2015


Business as usual in 2015 for some. You know who you are. You go to work, you do your job as you are trained to do it. You go home, you do what you are paid to do. You go to sleep, you do what you are paid to do. Your job is to do your job. But what actually happens when you get home? You aren’t actually doing your job. You are just doing what you think you are supposed to do.

That’s what I’m saying. We are trained to do our job and we are never actually doing it. Maybe we’re only doing our job while we are in a good mood. Maybe we are getting paid to do what we are paid to do. Maybe we are trained for our job. Maybe we are not. If you think of your job as being the thing you are supposed to do the whole time, then you are just being lazy. But it is not your job.

If you think you are getting paid to be in a good mood, you need to get out of the office and get a life. Your job is to be happy, to be focused, to help others, but this is an individual thing. You can be happy and focused if you want to, but if that is not part of your job, then you are wasting your time and energy.

So the problem is not that we are lazy or that we don’t get paid to do what we’re supposed to do. The problem is that our job is not that important to us. We don’t really care about our jobs, and in fact many people in our office (including myself) would like to be fired. So there is a lack of self-awareness, which is a form of laziness.

I do think that we need to think about what we are doing. I am not saying that we need to take some day off from our jobs, but we should at least set ourselves a goal for how many hours we can work each day. Our goal is to work 60 hours a week, which is pretty standard in most cases for a 40-hour-a-week employee.

This is a pretty common idea that I hear about people that are trying to get more work done. Yet, we rarely hear it from the people that are actually working. It is because we are so focused on our job that we forget that we are also busy, thinking about work when we should be thinking about ourselves.

I have always made the same mistake. I started a business, but I never really worked on it as an employee. I think this is because it takes time and effort to make money, and it takes time and effort to make a business. In an ideal world, I would be out shopping, making lunch, and generally enjoying life, spending time with my wife and kids, and going out to eat. I would not be working to stay afloat in the economy.

I think the most important factor in keeping people employed in the present economy is the amount of money they have. In fact, as I see it, an important element of being a successful businessperson is to be able to keep your employees in business. When they are working hard to make themselves as much money as possible, they are going to work harder to make sure they have enough money to pay their bills.

To think about it this way, there is a point beyond which paying the bills is an unnecessary expense. At the end of the day, I think the most important thing a person can do is have $2,000 in their bank account. Most people can’t afford that. They are in debt and have to work harder and harder to pay back that debt. I think a lot of this debt is owed to the banks.

The bank has no control over whether they have enough money to pay back their debts. It’s up to them to decide whether they want to increase their available cash balance, which will result in more bills, or whether they will pay less, which will result in less bills. Bankers don’t want to be in debt; they don’t want to be in debt even if they’re not being paid.



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