death is a lonely business


It is. People who aren’t able to recognize that the person they are talking to is not living up to their true self are missing out.

Of course, people with cancer, dementia or other conditions can sometimes live in a state of “pain” (although not in our current time-loop.) While this is a bad idea for all concerned, it is what people with Alzheimer’s disease do. They experience the world as if it were a terrible playground for them instead of a place where they can enjoy themselves and learn new things.

Deathloop reminds us that death is a lonely business. All of us are lonely creatures. We all know that a person is going to die, but so far, no one has actually explained why. We’ve all heard the stories about the person who is in the bathroom for the last time, they are on their way to the end, and they are thinking about what they are going to do next. But no one has ever really explained why.

Death is a lonely business. It is also a business. It is a business that is not a place you go to enjoy yourself. It is a business that is only available to people who want to spend their lives doing it. It is a place that is only available to those who have the money, and it is a place where, unless you are one of those people, you will pay $10 to get in.

What’s more, the game is built around this idea of time-looping and death-looping at two levels of abstraction. At the very most, it’s a game about people who are locked up in a room and forced to play a time-passing video game. But at its most interesting level, Deathloop is a game about the concept of death, and the fact that it is a game about death at two levels of abstraction.

The game is about being trapped, and then being released into this room that has no exit. A person who doesn’t have money and access to a game console is unable to escape, and thus has to remain in the very room where they are imprisoned. Or, as it turns out, when the game is over, they can escape and continue to play.

It’s more than just a video game though. There’s a lot of references to how lonely death can be, as well as how one can experience it. A common theme is that the only way to stop being lonely is to die. So, in Deathloop, you enter this room with just your eyes. You dont even have a physical body, just a brain.

Well, the developers are obviously not afraid of death. Or rather, they’re not afraid of it, but they sure as hell don’t want you to. And by the way, that’s a good thing.

And by the way, if you try to play it, you’ll just die. Deathloop is probably the most lonely thing on the internet and it won’t even matter if you die. It’s not because you play an instrument. It’s because death is lonely.

Deathloop’s developers, Arkane, want to make sure that you, as an Internet stranger, are always alone. You are alone in a world of loneliness. Or at least you will be if you die. Which is why Deathloop is so lonely. You’re alone, and you won’t even know it.



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