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So, I recently attended a talk by a couple named Scott and Karen who are starting a small business selling and servicing small appliances. The talk was on the basics of international business and how to break into the business. A couple of the things that impressed me were how Scott and Karen were able to teach a basic course that was easy to learn and make it very practical.

The talk was also about taking a business class in the U.S. that would prepare you to start small and be a successful business owner. A lot of people think that’s a lot of money but it’s not really. You’ll have to pay for your plane ticket, your lodging, and maybe even some meals.

Scott is the CEO of an international investment firm that takes out loans from banks to lend money out to companies. He’s one of the guys who is always talking about how the companies he’s lending money to are losing money. He thinks the problem is that they don’t understand the loans they are taking out, so they are going to default on them.

This isn’t really the kind of stuff that makes the big tech companies go “wow, that’s a lot of money” but maybe in the right situation, you can actually make a ton of money, especially if your company hires smart, hard-working people. Scott knows he’s a bit of a nerd and that he has to be one because he works so hard. He wants to hire the toughest, smartest people he can find and work with them.

Scott is one of the few people that I know that has a very successful business. He was able to get into a very advantageous situation because of his smarts and drive. Scott is a guy you would expect to have a lot of entrepreneurial endeavors because of his smarts and drive. He has a ton of ideas, wants to make these things happen, but he has a hard time getting them off the ground.

Scott’s biggest problem is not actually having the necessary skills to do what he wants. He’s just not smart enough to make these things happen, so he’s stuck in a rat race where he’s just hoping to get as much money as he can to buy a plane ticket to wherever he’s going on the next leg of his trip. Scott’s biggest problem is that he’s not smart enough to know that he doesn’t know how to use his smarts to their fullest potential.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this happen to a guy. Just as a guy with a great job is more likely to advance than a guy with a bad job, Scotts lack of smarts is a big reason why he’s still stuck in a rut, with no where to go and no idea what he wants to do to get out of it.

Scotts biggest problem may be that he has no idea what he wants to do. He can be hired by the thousands at any given company, but he only has a few years of experience that would show up in his resume. He can take jobs at a Fortune 500 company, but he has no clue what he wants to do after that. Or perhaps he is just not intelligent enough to know that he doesnt know how to use his smarts.

It’s probably a bit of both. He doesn’t have a clear idea of what’s important in life, so he can’t say anything like, “I want to do something with my life.” He’s just stuck in a rut, with no direction to go in. He’s stuck in a rut because he doesn’t know where he wants to go in life.

I see no reason to think that what Colt is stuck in is his rut. I think the most important thing to know about the person is that he is a smart guy who is not stupid. And if he is smart enough to be stuck in that rut, it would be easy for him to do something about it.



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