furniture store going out of business


As we all know, the days of buying furniture from a furniture store are numbered. It’s so sad, but it’s reality. The stores are closing for good.

Apparently many stores are closing due to a combination of factors as well, including low inventory and increased competition. It seems like these days, stores are only a handful of the places you can find real estate in the area.

This is the problem. At the end of the day, people buy items that they really can’t live without. It’s the same concept as buying cars and houses. You can’t live without them, so you buy them. But you also can’t live without them being cared for. And that’s why a lot of the time, furniture stores are closing.

This is a trend I noticed early in my career when I moved to the area. I remember buying a pair of new-to-me leather shoes for something like $35. A month later I would have more of the same shoes at the local discount furniture store for $20. Thats how much I spent on that pair of shoes.

As with all successful businesses, the reason why a furniture store is failing is because of the inventory and customer service. Customers don’t seem to care about the brand of the furniture they are picking up because they can just go to a big name store and get a more expensive brand if they so choose. The result is that a big name store is able to get a better deal in the end because of the volume of orders.

The problem with going out of business is not that the customer service sucks, it is that the inventory sucks. When you go to a big name store your not going to find a good deal on a sofa or a chair or a lamp. When you go to a small business you will find a better deal on those things because you are more likely to find a big brand on display.

Yes, it’s a problem, but it is a problem that is solved with technology. For example, in my home my wife and I have a large selection of furniture. It’s not like we have a huge collection of things to put in a garage sale. We also have a large selection of things that we can put in the garage without even going to a store.

A small business is a very small business. It’s not a store. It’s not a furniture store. It’s a place where goods are made. If you’re going to a store to buy a product, you will likely find a better price there. To some degree, it’s the same situation in the home.

But that’s not an excuse. It really is that simple. A company is a company and a company is a company. It seems like a lot of people will get into business for the wrong reasons and end up making a ton of money for a number of years. If you make a business that is successful, you’re probably making money. It doesn’t always seem to have to be in the form of profit.

I used to work in a furniture store. I was there for a couple of years and I would see a lot of people walking into the store and say, “I just bought a bed.” But when I’d ask them what they were going to do with the bed, they’d say, “I’m going to a furniture store.” I’m not saying that its the best way to sell a product.



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