Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
6:31PM - Meeting called to order.

Edgerton Teen Center - Adam will send a letter to Sally to find more information about it.

Update on school supplies - Dick will deliver school supplies to Sally so Sally can coordinate delivery.

Library movie night - Brian will follow Up with library.

Birdhouse Build update - It went great! Over 80 people attended. We lacked in Optimist presence.

Syttende Mai - Brian suggested we work on a visual aid on what we do in the community.
We need to revisit the taco prep area, maybe we have inserted tables. Look into warmers for the hotdogs, burgers and brats. Look into purchasing brewing kettles for boiling brats.
Look at purchasing an electric skillet for browning the taco meat.
Look at purchasing a larger crock pot or nesco for browning the meat.
Brian G. will work on a case for the tablets.

Tree planting update - Bryan L work on partnering with Cummins in the spring to plant trees.

Motion passed to donate $300 to the Stoughton Boy Scouts.

Motion passed to renew Sam's Club membership.
Motion passed to purchase hotspot from virgin mobile.
7:36 p.m. Meeting adjourned.