Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
  1. Meeting called to order: 6:30pm
  2. Guests: Dave Flood and Jay Williams
  3. Edgerton Teen Center: Jay and Dave talked about the Edgerton Teen Center and the status of their mortgage process. Very informative. Bryan L. motioned to  donate $1000 to the Edgerton Teen Center. Adam M. seconded the motion. Motioned passed. Dick Z. and Dave posed for a picture. Dave and Jay will submit the photo to the newspaper. 
  4. Planting Trees: Cummins agreed to partner with Stoughton Optimist in matching $200 - $400 to plant trees and shrubs for upcoming event. Bryan L. will follow up with Carl Manthey.
  5. Dick Z will attend the McFarland Optimist bike rally on May 9th in McFarland.
  6. Adam M. and Dick Z. will attend the upcoming SWIS District conference in Madison.
  7. Motion passed to renew Accidental Medical Insurance for 1 year. 
  8. Meeting Adjorned: 7:09pm