registering a business in massachusetts


The website is dedicated to helping business owners start, register, and grow their business in Massachusetts. It is here that you will find complete business information including a directory of local businesses.

Registration is a must for any business because it gives you that extra edge in the online world. Because Massachusetts is the only state where you can register a business as a sole proprietor, you can start your business and have it registered in your name right away. This is a great way to start a small business and make a name for yourself. Although you’ll have to pay a $100 fee to register your business, it’s usually worth it.

You’ll also need a state tax ID number. You can get yours at or

One thing that might make registering your business easier is if you can choose a name that is not already taken by someone else. Most states require you to choose a name for your business, but Mass. lets you choose an existing name. So if you decide that your business name is “A Business Name from Massachusetts,” you can choose “A Business Name from Mass.

The idea behind Mass. is that there is a law that says that if you have two names, both of which are already taken, you can’t use both at the same time. In Mass., the “A Business” name is already taken, so you can’t register another one. This might not seem like a big deal, but it might be a bit more complicated for people that have family names that are already taken by someone else.

In order to register a business in Mass. you need to first create a business name and email address. This isn’t like the way we were taught in school, where the first step is to register an LLC. You can then choose your “Massachusetts Business Name” instead.

When registering your business in Massachusetts, you will need to provide a business name that is already taken in other states. When the A Business Name is taken, your new business name is called the “A Business Name” and you will receive a notice that your name is already taken in other states.

What to choose? A business name that includes the state and city in which you are located. For example, if you choose to be incorporated in Massachusetts, and your business name is Massachusetts Incorporated, you will receive a notice that your name is already taken in other states. If you select to be incorporated in a state that does not have your business yet, choose the state name that is the same as your organization name.

It’s unfortunate that the law that prevents you from registering a business in any state in the U.S. is outdated and has been in place for decades. The law was passed in 1963 and is now in place to prevent another type of fraud, namely, a situation in which someone registers a business in one state and then moves it to another state and registers it under the name of the moving business. Mass.

I used to think that registering a business was an automatic process. I’ve since learned that it isn’t, and that the process is a little more involved. The easiest way to do this is to go to the state website for the state you want to register in, and then click “Register” in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.



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