The Most Pervasive Problems in texas business records affidavit

texas business records affidavit

I thought that the law firm that I had been working with for the past 14 years in Texas was a legitimate law firm? But when I filed a Texas business records affidavit, I discovered that this wasn’t the case. At least not in this case. I had submitted a Texas business records affidavit to work with the law firm on a personal matter, specifically because it was the only way to get my wife’s name back from the ex-husband who had filed the divorce.

The ex-husband filed the divorce papers, and the wifes name was on the papers in our divorce. A judge who is no longer with us was a witness for the divorce, and the judge gave the ex-husband a divorce with no hearing. It was a very convenient way to end our marriage without any real legal action.

I don’t know, but it sounded like that’s what my ex-husband had done. I had actually filed a “request” for a divorce before I even met him. I think it was my ex’s idea to take me to court based upon a very short phone call, and it was a really short phone call. He never got my name back, and I think he just wanted my phone number, which was the one he kept for himself when we were together.

The story of the texas divorce hearing sounds like it could’ve been from a movie or TV show. And it probably was. But if so, I haven’t seen the movie or heard the TV show yet. I would rather that happened to me than that someone would file a petition that no one would ever see.

I was talking with an attorney this week about how I would like to have my divorce papers in order. I would like to get them in my possession. I would like to read them. I would like to see them. But the lawyer talked about some very practical things. He talked about how I would need to come to court on two different days.

What kind of court? I have no idea. I just know that I would have to come to court on two different days. On one day I would need to hire an attorney, on the other day I would need to hire an investigator. I would need to come to court on two different days.

The only part of the affidavit that I don’t totally understand is the court requirements. I don’t know how many days they’ll need to be together. We’ve heard that the affidavit can be made at any time after the date of filing, so what are the requirements for filing it? The attorneys don’t say, but I would think it would be at least 14 days before they can appear in court.

In order to qualify for an affidavit, the applicant must provide a sworn account of the facts presented to the court by the applicant. The affidavit must be made in the county where the proceedings are being held. There must be a good reason why the applicant did not appear in court or why the case was dismissed. The applicant can also ask to have all documents signed.

It’s a little ironic that the documents filed by the owner of a business (in a Texas business records affidavit) are the ones that establish the type of work, whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a corporation, or how much it’s worth.

This particular business records affidavit goes far afield from its usual purpose. It isn’t just a public record like most, but a document that establishes the type of work the owner has done. This affidavit is a document that says that the type of work the business owner has done is worth more than other similarly named records. It’s also a document that establishes a company’s worth to the public.



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