what type of business did george jefferson own on the jeffersons?


The most likely answer is a real estate business. The first person to ask was george’s father, john jefferson. He was born in 1802, and passed away in 1884. He was known for having very powerful opinions and convictions.

I think his real estate business was a very successful one. He was involved in several real estate deals and sold a lot of land in the eastern part of his state. It’s not a surprise that he would have been proud of his own business, because it was one of the first places that people went to in the 1870s for their real estate deals.

I wonder if this business would have worked as well as it did had he only owned one building? There was a lot of competition for real estate during the 1870s. Land was hard to get, and it was extremely difficult to sell, even for those people with strong values. Many people made a lot of money on those deals, and they all paid a lot of taxes.

In fact, it was one of the few types of business people could make money in the 1870s. Real estate was hard to get, so if you were a land speculator, you’d have to spend most of your time and resources working on the land and building it up. By the 1870s, the real estate boom was over, and land was almost completely worthless.

Yes, real estate was hard to get. But it was, in fact, also the only form of investment that was easy to make money on. There were a number of ways to get the land, and some of them were easier than others. Some of the methods worked, but others cost more than they were worth.

So the easiest way to get land was to buy land from other people. I was surprised to learn that a few of the land speculator’s we know personally were from the same company. I’m guessing the land speculators were the ones who made sure the land was perfect so they could sell it. In fact in the early 1870s, land speculators were a major force in real estate on the East Coast.

In my opinion, George Jefferson was one of the biggest property speculators when it came to real estate. As the first person to build a house on the ocean, he was able to get a lot of land. However, he also had to play the land game to a certain extent. He was a gambler and he liked to use land as a place to pool money. Most of the land that we know of in the area of Cape Cod is owned outright by the original settlers.

One thing I’ve always found in real estate is the ability to put money where your mouth is. That is, in addition to being able to make money on a piece of land, if you are able to put money into a piece of land, you can make money there. In the late 1700s, George Jefferson was one of the first to make a lot of money through real estate. This is the same type of situation you have in real estate today.

In the late 1800s, there was no real estate to be had, so George Jefferson decided to become a real estate entrepreneur. His first venture was the Jefferson Land & Improvement Company. His company would make it easy for other people to put money into his properties.



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