Why should you use a Velocity Banking Calculator?


People are constantly looking for tools to assist them in understanding where their money is going and how to accumulate wealth. A velocity banking calculator is a tool or calculator that gives you a virtual overview of your financial condition and aids in helping you choose the best investments. Velocity banking could be an excellent debt relief alternative to explore if you are committed and possess the self-control to achieve success. By combining the strengths of The Infinite Banking Concept with the behaviors and mentality of velocity lenders, you could be able to eliminate third-party debt and establish a long-lasting asset. Users can serve as their bankers and achieve even more significant financial independence.

Velocity Banking: What Is It?

Utilizing a HELOC, or “Home Equity Line of Credit,” is a critical component of the velocity banking approach.

Although a personal line of credit can also be used, the most popular approach is a readvanced HELOC. You can effectively eliminate interest on the times during a month when your money would otherwise be sitting around earning nothing by putting your earnings into a HELOC. This is referred to as an effect of interest cancellation. You only pay interest to the creditor on the average daily balance. You can eliminate some of the interest that would otherwise accumulate daily if your income exceeds the line of credit during the slow times of the month and remains stationary.

The velocity banking approach mainly relies on the user’s activities and financial choices. Like most strategic planning and debt-reduction methods, velocity banking will only succeed or fail based on the user’s actions. If you can’t stay inside your plan and do business properly, you won’t likely reach the success you seek with velocity banking. You cannot get out of debt by pretending to use velocity banking.

Velocity Banking Calculator

Determining how long it will take you to repay your debt can be made much easier with the help of a velocity banking calculator. Formulas are often just helpful in giving a quick summary since everyone’s financial condition is volatile and varied. They usually don’t match up with your quarterly budget’s daily swings. You will want to understand the present interest rates, required minimum installments, free flow of money (positive cash flow), initial levels of debt, and ongoing amortization on any amortized loans, like a mortgage. The more precise you are with this data while considering a proposition, the better. 

Advantages of Velocity Banking Calculators

  • When you are attentive and have a little extra money, the velocity banking strategy is a terrific way to get out of debt.
  • With this technique, you can pay off your debt quicker, if you work hard and persist.
  • You might be able to increase your speed if your household receives frequent debt payments because they reduce your cash flow. After the first, each dollar you save from your allowance has the potential to snowball. This strategy’s primary objective is to focus on cash flow more effectively.
  • Clearing off your debt will provide you with more flexibility and satisfaction in your life.
  •  Better long-term health is typically a result of less stress, and since you may feel more confident, this may also have a favorable effect on your interpersonal interactions.


A velocity banking tool can be pretty helpful when calculating how long it will take to pay off your debt. These calculators simplify financial planning and provide a comprehensive overview of your assets to aid in making wise decisions. Reach a professional financial advisor for an enhanced experience and adequate information. 


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