1. A guest blog post is a very short noteworthy article that doesn’t need an author.
  2. Guest articles have to be written by someone who is currently a member of our publication and must have experience with PowerPoint presentations, photography, copy editing, or computer programming. We usually run one guest article per issue.
  3. The editors will decide whether to accept your submission based on what they believe is appropriate for our publication and the overall quality of your work in the field you are applying for.
  4. If your article is accepted, it will be published anonymously and we will publish a byline explaining that the author was a member of our publication. If your article is selected to be on the front page of our website, we will list your name under the headline.
  5. Please send us a copy of your article in plain text format (no HTML) along with a short biography and list of any awards you might have received. Email these to [connect@guestfluencer.com] .
  6. Please provide us with a short biography of yourself, including your name, age, address, email address , and list of any awards you have received for your work. We need this information to verify that you are who you say you are. We will find these pieces of information on our membership rolls.
  7. The topics are pretty much open, but we generally do not accept political or religious submissions because of the publication’s neutrality. Business, Games, Tech, Fashion, Travel, Arts, and Lifestyle submissions are more common.
  8. At the moment we don’t offer any additional rewards for articles. If your work is selected to be on the front page of our website or printed in an issue of our publication, we will list your name under the headline and give you a byline explaining that the author was a member of our publication.


Importance of Guest posting for business

  1. It improves your SEO ranking.
  2. It helps to find backlinks and makes your site more resourceful and authoritative in the eyes of Search Engines.
  3. It adds value to your business and helps you in getting more traffic as you increase your online presence on popular sites, blogs, forums etc.
  4. It also increases your authority in front of people and also enhances your credibility in the market.
  5. Add value to your website and make your business more authoritative.
  6. It boosts your business and helps enhance the overall image of your brand as you will have more links from popular sites.
  7. Track the performance of the guest posting campaign after which share it with others to benefit further.
  8. Guest posting also works well in PPC campaigns, its a great way to get eyeballs on search engines, which then convert into sales.


Guidelines for Article Submission

  1. Make your article precise and to the point. The articles should not be more than 1000 words and the titles should be creative.
  2. Provide information, which is not available on internet for the readers so that they can comeback to your web page for further updates and information
  3. Use proper syntax and spellings, all guest posts will get edited by our editing team before publishing, so make sure you write a proper article having no spelling or grammatical errors because after editing, even a single error can lead to rejection of your article submission.


Kind Of Articles We Publish


  1. How-to Guides
  2. Expertise: Articles which explain how to perform certain activities like how to edit a Microsoft Word Document, how to create a web page on the internet, how to make PowerPoint presentations etc.
  3. Tips and Techniques : Articles which present information on technical details or tips which can be used by others
  4. How To Make Your Site More Search Engine Friendly: We publish articles in different areas of web design and development including articles on SEO, SMO, PPC
  5. How To Market Your Business: Articles on the marketing and advertising of your business or products
  6. How to Succeed in Life : Articles on secrets and difficult things to do or to be done right
  7. How To Start a Startup Business: Articles on starting a startup business, industries in which people start their own businesses, different types of startups and how they should be run.
  8. What to read before starting a startup business: Articles on essential books or websites which one should read before starting or planning the start up of an online business like what books teach one how to start an online business successfully, what websites teach one how to plan and start a web-based venture etc.

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